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MANN PF 925 - CD3B

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Marque : MANN

Caractéristiques techniques  :

Height: 110mm
OD/Width Max: 97mm
OD/Width Min: 97mm
ID/Depth Max: 14mm
ID/Depth Min: 14mm

Peut être monté sur  :

Claas Compact - Combine with Daimler Benz OM615, OM616 engines, Fendt DFG3000G, DFG3500G, DFG4000G, Hanomag Henschel F20, F20L, F25, F25L, F30, F30L, F35, F35L, F36, F40B, F40Ka with Daimler Benz OM615.915 engine, Mercedes 200D(2.0 (1966)), O 309D with OM 615 engine, O 319D with OM 621.930 engine 01/65->, 206D, 306D, 406D, OM615, Morgan Unknown Model, O and K V16, V20, V25, V26. V30 with Daimler Benz OM616 engine, V16C, V20C, V25C, V26, V30, V16, V20, V25, V26, V30 with Daimler Benz OM616 engine, Porsche 616/3, 616/6, 616/13, 616/18, Still R18 (1822, 1825) with Daimler Benz OM615 engine, R70 with OM616 engine, DFG3 with Daimler Benz OM615 engine

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